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Digging in the salt mines for better health

Digging in the salt mines for better health


We look at a different approach to helping oneself get relief from nagging allergies. We have an online show called All About Home at http://blogtalkradio/deccorqueen. Check us out.




And, How Does Your Garden Grow?

And, How Does Your Garden Grow?

A Live radio show speaking about Home and Lifestyle. Today, our show spoke about this time of the year when it’s time to start building a great garden and maintaining it. It also points out the shortcomings of one, who is not such a great gardener. I take the time to describe my shortcomings in this area of green grass and blooming tulips. Enjoy and laugh with me. Share this if you care to.


What Are Your Challenges and How Are You Meeting Them?

Image“Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.” 

Do you think the people mentioned above dealt with challenges in their life? You bet they did. I don’t even have to know them. Just read about them, and how they achieved almost unreachable heights of success and fame.

As I write about challenges, I fully submit and admit that my challenges can be unlimited. When faced with challenges, I used to really fret over what was to happen or not happen. No, more than fret, just worried, worried, worried…often anticipating the worse. It was a common practice in my life that got me nowhere….fast.  This behavior was in the past. You see, I’m a believer and know there is someone higher than me to help with my worries and challenges. It wasn’t long before I realized that a certain peacefulness had come upon me, and even as the habit of worry still tried to overcome my new thinking, I refused to submit any longer.

As I write this blog, I know I’m not alone. People worry about taking up a challenge, often, because of the level of work necessary to put into reducing or eliminating the challenges in their life. A challenge often is a good thing, so don’t think of it as something that’s always negative. It may cause you to move forward in something that is beneficial to your success in life. What are you doing to meet your challenges head on, or are you waiting to see if  ‘they will just go away or work out on their own’?

I’m certain there are many types of challenges people go through from time to time. The question is when…not what? How will you deal?  Will you get frustrated, angry or give up? Take your issues and state it loud and clear, so you will definitely hear the words. Then, refuse to worry about it, rather seeking other ways to help you through it.

Stop for a minute (or two) and think of some of the challenges you face daily.  Are they small, easily taken care of, or big, scary and seem to go on forever? Here are some challenges I’ve heard others speak of:

  •  Personal Life Challenges
  • Personal financial challenges
  • Personal business challenges
  • Personal Family challenges
  • Personal Friend challenges
  • Personal changes necessary to make to your lifestyle better, which will mean a change of thinking. Nothing is insurmountable. Turn negative challenges into positive ones.
The next challenge is to think of something that you could work through, and see it as a positive challenge for growth.
Why did I write this blog?  Simply, because we are all faced with something each day.  My challenge today was to come up with a blog topic that I felt would be helpful to someone else.  If  the challenge is a negative experience, then don’t dwell in it. Be determined to face it, deal with it and make it something very positive. Once accomplished, your new challenge is to share this blog with someone else who  is dealing with a challenge. You know there is always a positive to a negative and this bears true in the challenges you face every day.

I would like to challenge you to check out . This website will offer you a challenge in your DIY home projects. It’s online for your benefit, and you will receive help and reassurance in your project(s), plus a few new ideas you hadn’t thought of.

Happy Challenges today and many days to follow. Contact us at the website above or through FB at:

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