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  Today, our blog touches on the topic from a month ago: Is Your Personal Image A Reflection of Your Home?  Many readers sent me their opinions about this topic, and we had some great discussions. Thanks again to all who participated. I was so encouraged that I have decided to do a Part 2.

  Image in the dictionary says it’s an imitation, representation, or similitude of any person, thing, or act, sculptured, drawn, painted, or otherwise made perceptible to the sight, a visible presentation, a copy, a likeness,  an effigy, a picture, a semblance. Image spreads itself across lines into every part of life. Therefore, I feel it is an important issue and make a habit of exhibiting in a positive way. For the purpose of this blog, we are defining image as a personal likeness or reflection of a person’s image to their home image. Is Your Personal Image A Reflection of Your Home Image? – Part 2. This blog speaks to how your personal image and your home image are so closely related to one another. When you first see someone, without speaking a word, your thoughts begin to form and create who you believe that person really is. You may decide you don’t care for that person. What about the person’s age, where they live, how their home looks, what type of job they have, what type of car they drive; this,  all in a matter of a few seconds. What I want to point out is you cannot stop someone from thinking and forming their own opinions without correct information. Your home is a reflection of you.  A person sees you is exactly how they see your home in their mind. Does it matter? Probably not, but possibly so. Why? Because, it is much easier to spend a little time thinking about who you are, and reasons why you control the message you wish delivered. Do not leave that to someone else to do for you. Your home is your haven, your castle and your extension of who you are. Make the message real and true.

Accentuate Home Styling & Consulting is a different type of interior decorating company. We use ‘image’ as a major tool to complete the look of your home to represent the real you. No need for others to speculate, they will know just from your positive image; they will know that your positive attitude about self reflects the same message in your home life. We work with you, whether in person or through our E-Decorating process (online) assisting you in your Do-It-Yourself process of decorating. We believe image is purposeful to how you enjoy your home and lifestyle. It doesn’t matter whether you’re downsizing (a smaller space), up-sizing (a larger space) or right-sizing (staying right where you are), we work hard with you to help you reach this goal. You will feel empowered and reassured about how “we” reach decisions about the space in your home. We are your company of interest and image. We care about what you think, how we meet your needs,  and make it affordable for you as we go through the details of positive living in your home. So, the next time someone meets and greets you, they may be thinking how positive your demeanor represents you, or how negative they think you are. Please do not give anyone any reason for not thinking in a positive way about you. 

I want to express the fact that I have been writing and publicly speaking about the importance of  image in each person’s life for several years. I was a personal  image consultant and presented presentations to organizations and companies. I encouraged others to become aware of the silent message(s) they send to others. My purpose is to think about how you appear to others, so there are no regrets down the road. I am not stating this as the most important issue to you. It means sending a message you want to be remembered by. Then, the image you project will definitely count.


 Why change is worthwhile …..and …. it is good for your health

Yes, change is good ….in fact, it’s great! Why? Our change is  based on the simplification of  using us as your personal interior decorator/designer. There is the convenience of being able to communicate day or night in various  communicative forms.

Most important is YOU! It’s about your ideas for change in your home and how these changes may be implemented.

Where does Accentuate’s E-Decorating come in? We are your personal ONLNE INTERIOR DECORATOR/DESIGNER. We offer the convenience of using Skype, email, text, phone (actually talking) and fax, and all this for a flat fee. Just check out the website or facebook E-Decorating store to pick your project and read more about the use of our Accentuate E-Decorating.

What is your normal process when redecorating?  Usually, and possibly… it’s do- it- yourself, or with the help of a friend, magazines, and online websites that sell products for the home. All that is great, but it is even nicer to have the best of both worlds. This includes you and  Accentuate, as your professionals who’ll work with you to set your consultation in progress and in collaboration  with you regarding the ideas for your space. It is like having your very own, personal consultant right there, and at a lesser cost factor. We look forward to working with you, taking you outside of your comfort zone and letting you experience the job  of E-decorating with Accentuate Home Styling & Consulting.  We love to help our homeowner-clients to expound upon their creativity and encourage you to think outside-of-the box, utlilizing an idea you’ve never thought about using before.

What do you think about color on your walls, or do you prefer  your using decor to be the main or identifying color in for your room(s)? Will you plan to utilize items you already have in your home? Change can be made just by utilizing items from other rooms, or things hidden out of sight that work perfectly once again within the space. Often people don’t think to do this. On the other hand, people can become over-indulgent in keeping ‘stuff’ that turns into clutter. Often time the removal of clutter is the first step in starting to remake a room. I love the excitement that my client’s have once their project is complete or they can see the beginning of the change. It really is a great feeling for me, due to the fact they are often reluctant to try something new, but very happy once they’ve given the thumbs up and see the fantastic results.

Through virtual decorating, we will communicate per all outlets mentioned above. We will consult with you once we received particular items from you through email, etc. We also take all major credit cards and offer flat rate prices. No better deal and no better way, no matter where you live. This is the beauty of being able to do it through E-Decorating, and you will have all you will need to begin your project whenever you desire. You will even know where to go and find products, etc. This service is meant to save you money, time and effort. Begin today by contacting us.

How to get started today.

What do you need to do to get started? You need to check out our E-decorating options on our website ( or on at ( . It’s a flat-rate cost per room and it is a way to feel reassured of your decisions.

It’s unbelievable how the world has/is changing. There isn’t anything you cannot accomplish online (for your convenience). Decorating has now arrived in the form of E-Decorating for your total convenience. It’s definitely cost effective. No one has to sit in your home for a couple of hours consulting with you, unless this is what you desire.  We are happy under any circumstances to visit/meet personally with you as long as you are within our area, if this is what you would prefer. We are always interested in hearing your approach, assisting you and encourage you to envision a space where new ideas have been developed and waiting to be born.


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