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Do..or Don’t??

I love my place of origin. Actually, I am from Brooklyn, New York. I was brought up in the City, went to school there, and had lots great friends. Of course, this was many years ago. Times change, people change and decisions lead to change. As we grow and our thinking, experiences and wants/needs change, this may cause us to begin to formulate our life in another place.

My question to you is how do you feel about your place of origin? If you’re still there, are you truly invested in your town or city? What would cause you to leave and …… could you? I didn’t think I would leave New York….ever. I was very entrenched in this city, and many of my relatives are still there. They have been there for all of their lives. It’s pretty funny when you think about how people are ‘fixed’ in their hearts and minds to “stay put.” I find this especially true of New Yorker’s. They are “fixed” and entrenched in this place. 🙂

Please do not get me wrong. There are so many places, big cities and towns where people have grown up and stay. The area has a wonderful familiarity to it consisting of all the memories, yet, there is usually, at some point, a wish to see and experience another place. It could be a place you’ve never been to before. What about a place you’ve enjoyed many times on vacations? I am reminded that vacationing some place and actually living there day-to-day can be like night/day. So, how do you make that decision? It’s going to be different reasons most probably for a family when considering a move. I don’t believe It matters greatly, whether it’s a city or a town. The whole idea at the outset is leaving what you know to go someplace you don’t know. It also could be leaving family, friends, or a great job. If you’re self-employed, you can take your business with you. However, depending on what type of business, it may take a shorter or longer time getting it up and running.

So, after all that explanation, I am here to say, “I really like Costa Rica.” It is strange, but for the last couple of months, I have felt this drive to investigate a move to that beautiful and wonderful place. It is a place of beauty, where the green of the bushes and trees are the greenest I’ve seen. The water of the sea is as blue-green as you can get, the people are wonderful and the food……hmmm….delicious. Then, I start to think it’s because I haven’t been to Costa Rica in about two years, and I’m just missing it. It always feels spiritual when I am there. Maybe, it’s because the people seem to be sincere in their actions and demeanor. Of course, I have always gone as a tourist. However, I have read and talked to people who say constantly…” Pura Vita”, the good life.

There are many ex-pats living in Costa Rica. They live there for the many reasons I have mentioned above. You know how things go.  As you go, so goes a place that seems so right. Once you’re there permanently, it may cease to be as you thought. However, as Costa Rica is now, it is like a piece of Heaven to me. It’s just that beautiful in my eyes.

The homes are similar to what we have in the United States. They sell at various levels, but there is so much lushness surrounding you. Everything is beautiful. I was wondering earlier today, would there be roaming animals, lizards and other things that would really scare me? I know they have big iguanas, as one of them ran after a friend of ours. It was only after it felt that the baby was going to be hurt or captured (who knows). It was quite funny at the time, very funny. You know that type of laughter that makes tears come to your eyes. I don’t know if they run free. I would definitely have to check that out first. That could be the buster for me. I don’t like bugs, rodents or other things that would chase or bite me.

I hear the healthcare is great, and have read about people going to Costa Rica for healthcare. It is far less expensive than in the United States. Anyway, I wanted to share this, because I love it when people seek to meet and know other people and places. It is great learning about oneself and others who are different, only  because they have different ways of doing things. In order to grow as a person, it is important that we keep changing and learning. Thereby, it’s imperative to keep investing in yourself to build your “new” self and identity. In this way, you appreciate your values, your contribution to this world as a person, and know you have knowledge, love and possibly a vision or message to share with others. After all, there is only one of you, and not another exactly like you. Even a twin or someone from a larger multiple birth have individuality.

And, there are beautiful places on this earth that are like no other place. They have a special thing that holds your heart. They may look similar, but they are different! What place holds your heart?


Starting project.

RE.- Up and getting ready for a change.

So, here I am, talking about image, and I must mention that image has a place in everything. Everything you do has the  ability of making you form an opinion of “I like, or I don’t like”.  Example: you see a home from the outside. You form your opinion of what that home looks like on the inside or who lives there. There is an immediate feeling about that home.  Hence, your opinion is based on the silent image the house portrayed to you, the lawn, the appearance of the outside of the home, color, size, and other factors. This judgement is made in seconds, not minutes. The particular feeling about this house  will be remembered until something else replaces it.

It’s the same way when you see someone. It doesn’t have to be anyone you know. You look at a picture of someone and the opportunity arises for you to come in front of that person before any words are spoken. Based on the fact you have no knowledge of this person,  you form an opinion, perhaps based on how they dress, how they look, their home, car, way of speech and other type of preconceptions already held. This takes place in seconds!

Image is a sensory experience or a mental picture of oneself or an object. We are all in a place to make judgement calls when we read something, hear something or see something. We, often times, don’t  realize we’ve done it. How about talking to someone on the telephone that you’ve never seen, never met and know nothing about. It could be a wrong number. What does that person look like in your mind’s eye? You have an image based on the voice. Yes, it’s human nature. We react probably more than we act. I want to tell anyone who is reading this blog that image is a part of your everyday life. What we see, experience through someone else remains so unless something else comes to take its place. Image changes from one moment to the next. At times, it may give you a different opinion after the first reaction. The same applies to you, as a person. You see someone or someone sees you without any introductions; a perfect stranger. You size up this person in just a few seconds. You think you know a lot about this person, but really you know nothing more than your eyes can see. You don’t even know their voice tone, the colors they like, or wear most often, etc.

Image is fascinating. Your sensory perception begins to work hard when you are at a place where there lots going on. In a crowded place, you may see many people for the first time. You have already formed so-called opinions of each one; some more than others. You go to visit someone, but even before you reach your destination you’ve formed an opinion of  how things are going to go; who will be there and your thoughts of who they are and what they do. Then, once you’ve reached your destination, what are your thoughts? You may have forethought of what you think will happen and the people you will deal with. Therefore, based on that determination, you like  it or you don’t. Do you always have a reason why you like or don’t like someone or something? I like to write about image, and in fact, I will probably do a radio show about how important image is, and everyone has one. It is an opinion, or sometimes even a judgement,  by another person who you may not have ever met. While I speak of image, I want to be sure we all understand that it happens in silent mode at times. We do, at times, remember and still judge others based on the first image of connection.

It is almost impossible to meet someone for the first time and not form an image of that person. In fact, in my mind, it doesn’t happen. There is always an opinion formed for those we meet the first time to the 50th, 60th, 100th time. We are always making  judgement calls on one another, and none of us are perfect. Therefore, we should note we are connected to one another as humans, and it is normal and natural to prejudge or assume, although this is not a positive action. What would be nice is if we didn’t do all this pre-judging, and just let emotions and thoughts come in a quiet, good way. It is always nice to see if you can really find out the truth about what you’re thinkinghe people you hear about and haven’t met. As you can see this topic really interests me. I actually used to give talks to colleges and major companies about projecting  positive image. There is only one opportunity to make a great first (1st) impression. Why have I blended this in with my decorating? Because, it’s essential that people acknowledge themselves as a bigger part of the message the home is portraying. After all, when someone compliments you on your home or anything else, they have already formed their opinion about both, and they like you.

Accentuate Home Styling & Consulting offers online and in person consultations to assist you in building a decorating plan for your next DIY project. We look forward to hearing from you.

Digging in the salt mines for better health


We look at a different approach to helping oneself get relief from nagging allergies. We have an online show called All About Home at http://blogtalkradio/deccorqueen. Check us out.



Two minds better then one.

Two minds better then one.

Sometimes, I can get ahead of myself. Has that happened to you? Have you been in deep thought about an idea, something you propose and not sure how it will be perceived by others? What you may not understand about Accentuate Home Styling & Consulting is that we are a different type of interior decorating company. We love to explore various levels of decorating with our clients. When they think they’ve got their idea down pat, we challenge them to try something they’ve never tried before. This is a fabulous way to keep learning about oneself. What could be better than to learn something ‘new’ about yourself?

Home decorating and design is  bringing new ideas and processes of change into a house to make it a ‘home’. Our purpose is to meet with people like yourselves (our clients or would-be clients) to determine where their thinking is regarding what they want and anticipate for any space changes in their home. It is a great time to dig deep into your thoughts, use  as many resources as you have and come up with great ideas. There are many ideas out in the marketplace, and it doesn’t mean they all fit your space as you expect.

  • Here’s where we come in. I have a couple of analogies to share with you. How many times have you decided to try something different for a meal at home? You may have even had it before, but you want a different variation. If you don’t go to a cookbook or ask someone who has cooked it before how they prepared it, you will most likely end up preparing it the same way you always have.
  • Here’s another example for you. What if you have a rash on your hand (or other parts of your body)? You may try to put some sort of salve on it, or at the very least, try to find someone else who has experienced this same malady. But instead, you decide to seek professional help from a doctor to tend to your issue. This is best, because you may spend time applying all sorts of remedies to your problem only to waste time and money in the process. This applies also to the decorating process of your space. There is so much out there in the decorating marketplace. If you’re seeking ‘different’, we may even look into wholesale to expand your variety of products for use in your home.

In addition, not only do we care about you, but about some other folks you may personally know or are acquainted with. They may be elderly and/or in poor health, having to leave their home. We need to talk immediately. Contact us today, and we’ll talk.  Also note, we are excited to work with DIY clients. We want to know what your perception is  for your space. We can add to it, and just think what will come out of this collaboration. Come on, let’s get started.

Two minds better then one.

The point I’m trying to make is defining when you are wasting time and money, rather then working with a professional decorating company such as Accentuate Home Styling & Consulting. We’ll help you step outside of your comfort zone and find other ways of styling your home. 

How much did you pay for your home? I don’t really want to know. It’s just a rhetorical question. My point is don’t deny yourself from making your home what you really want it to be  by not examining the fundamentals of the reason for the changes. Searching magazines,  going to furniture stores and getting many opinions can cause confusion. Keep thinking about who lives in this space is the crux of the matter; it’s the determination of everyone having a piece of their personality included in  your plan.  When a friend, neighbor or relative has their home decorated a certain way, it only means it works for them, but not necessarily for you. Personality is a key ingredient and essential in decorating. Give your imagination a chance to be opened up to the possibilities for your space. For as many people that occupy a common space, it’s important to get input from as many occupants as possible. Let’s try it..together. Please fill in contact sheet and return to us.

mkitchen counterDo you recall the house that Jack built? It was a troubled home that wasn’t suppose to suffer with so many negative outcomes about animals and people. What began in this rhyme with Jack building his house, soon turned into a fiasco.

What about the house you’re considering building or are you more of renting kind of person? What I’m trying to say is that is doesn’t matter whether you’re building or renting, you deserve and want a foundation that is strong and secure as possible. How would you know? What are the fundamental steps related to building a house when considering what type of home you end up with? There are many style and types of homes. Let’s inspect this process.

The house you live in or plan to live in begins with a mere thought, an idea or concept. From this point, it becomes a drawing or mock-up of rooms, closets, bathroom(s), kitchen, den, living room, etc. Houses come in all sizes, styles, shapes and built to specific specifications of the buyer or architectural prototypes to fill the imagination of what your home could look like. Big or small; it’s great so many more people will now have an affordable home they will enjoy for years to come. Some homes stay in families for generations.

There are some common terms you may hear about the building of a home, and with this blog, I will attempt to help with this glossary of words so when you hear these words, or someone refers to them, they will sound familiar to you.

My goal for this post is to make you comfortable with words about home and/or home building. You will better understand what questions you may ask as you begin the process of building a home or buying/rent one that already exists.

First of all, the most important question that requires an answer before any building begins or choices made about the type of home desired is ‘exactly what are the needs of the family’? There is nothing worse than to get caught up in buying and not have addressed every need or want (for that matter) before deciding what your home will look like. Will you need a small home, perhaps for just 2 people who do not want nor need a space  that has too many rooms, bathrooms, den, living space, etc. Take in consideration, life style of the 2 parties involved, and that will give you a clearer picture of the home you are looking for. Then, there is a medium size home that may accommodate a family of  three (3) plus or a bigger home for a larger family. Now, I am not at all suggesting if there are 2 people living in the home, it need be small. No, some homes are large enough with several bedrooms, den, family rooms, etc. and there are only 2 people living there. It could be for an individual living along. He or she just desires space to move around in. It’s always a personal decision.

Now, I am going to give you a few home building glossary terms to know when you are looking for a home. It doesn’t matter if you’re building from scratch or the home is already constructed and completed…ready for move-in. This list is not every item which may be used in constructing the house, but a general overall description of some things.

  • A/C = air conditioner/conditioning
  • A/C Condenser = outside fan unit of the air conditioning unit. Removes heat from the freon gas and turns the gas back to liquid and pumps the liquid back to the coil in the furnace.
  • Air Space=the area been insulation facing and interior of exterior wall coverings. Normally a 1″ gap.
  • Anchor bolts=bolts to secure a wooden sill plate to concrete, or masonry floor or wall.
  • Backing=the replacement of excavated earth into a trench around or against a basement crawl space foundation wall.
  • Backout=work the framing contractor does after the mechanical subcontractors (Heating-Plumbing_Electrical) finish their phase at the Rough (before installation) stage to get the home ready for a municipal frame inspection. Most often, framing contractor repairs anything disturbed by others and completes framing necessary to pass Rough frame inspection.
  • Barge=horizontal beam rafter that supports shorter rafters.
  • CO= abbreviation for “Certificate of Occupancy”. This certificate is issued by the local municipality and is required before anyone can occupy and live within the home. It is issued only after the local municipality has made all inspections and all monies and fees have been paid.
  • Cantilever = an overhang where one floor extends beyond and over a foundation wall. (ex: a fireplace location or bay window ) Normally, not extending over 2 ft.
  • Celotex= ™Black fibrous board that is used as exterior sheathing.
  • Circuit=the path of electrical flow from a power source through an outlet and back to ground.
  • Counter flashing= a metal flashing usually used on chimneys at the roofline to cover shingle flashing and used to prevent moisture entry.

This is just a small, small list of all the things that go into building a house. It doesn’t matter whether it’s being built today or built years ago. There are code requirements in building a house that are a ‘must’ from the building side of the business to the buyer securing a safe home.

If you have questions about other terms or things used in building a home you can contact They have a complete glossary of construction “language” that you can acquaint yourself with. It’s worth knowing, so you will be ready to ask questions of your contractor whether buying brand new or a pre-owned home.

Do you remember the nursery rhymes of the ‘Three Little Pigs? Each one built a house, only to have it blown down by the wolf. Not very sturdy.  This, I figured out as a small child hearing this nursery rhyme. Be certain you are getting a secure home. It takes time and lots of money to secure and/or build a home.  Their house crumbled to the ground with a little huff and puff. Do not make your home the kind the Jack built or the Three Little Pigs. Instead, make certain it’s sturdy, secure and every joint and joist is how it should be, and the home safe and sound for a comfortable life and lifestyle inside and outside of your home. Do the best thing for you and be safe. Making certain to check out the home builder and do not be afraid to ask vital questions about the foundation of the home. Many people just look at the aesthetics of the home and not the nuts of bolts of what will offer a study foundation of the home.

Make certain you ask many questions. Go to the website and review the terms used in building a house. You might want to become familiar with some of the terms, so when you hear them, it will be familiar to you as well. Good Living! comes to you from

And, How Does Your Garden Grow?

A Live radio show speaking about Home and Lifestyle. Today, our show spoke about this time of the year when it’s time to start building a great garden and maintaining it. It also points out the shortcomings of one, who is not such a great gardener. I take the time to describe my shortcomings in this area of green grass and blooming tulips. Enjoy and laugh with me. Share this if you care to.

I love the idea of change. It presents me with new challenges, and it causes me to think outside of the box and not replace my creative process with that of worry. Worry becomes useless and counter-productive to what is accomplished. It is my belief that change occurs when we are thinking about how to approach or take care of things that do not give all the pieces and the answers. In other words, the answers do not readily show up with full clarity. There is something you should know about me. I believe that everyone should share what is positive for growth in a non-threatening way.

When you see growth in yourself, you begin to notice it in others. It’s the way of life; sharing positive learning for building a better character is pretty simple. If you follow the rules of life and the Bible, it clearly states so in the passage (Matt: 7:8 – “For everyone that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened“.  Grow in the way you will be able to communicate with others, the world and yourself. I also feel that we never stop growing; we are always learning. The way I approach my business is through learning, growing and then sharing what I’ve  learned with others. They, in turn, will do the same. This is why working with DIY clients is such a great thing. They share their great ideas, what they wish to do, and together we build a bigger and better picture for their home project.

WORRYING: I must begin by speaking about the act of worry. I have accomplished much while dreading the overwhelming ‘worry syndrome’ in my thoughts and vocabulary.  Speak it, and I may just find myself worrying.  Absolutely no, I had to stop worrying; really worrying about whatever is going to take place or already taking place.  Change is great; it causes me and you to stay on our toes and not become too comfortable within ourselves or with our surroundings. Otherwise, we  may not grow in our thinking and our life. Change is not always easy, and sometimes I don’t appreciate where the change wants to take me.  I get defiant, dig my heels in and make decisions for myself. That was then, this is now, and I have changed.  I see things differently, and I have grown.

My personal change comes through pray these days. How are you changing? How have you changed today? I love to challenge  myself to see if I’ve learned anything this week, or something someone has said to me to ‘spur my growth’ in the way I approach life. Have I noticed or caused someone else to consider changing in someway? It may seem crazy, however, being concerned about such things. What’s new and different in your life? What have you been through and what changes have you made?  How will your changes affect others around you?  These are all questions that I present to you and the challenge of identifying what is different about you in these first 3 months of 2013. It is absolutely fantastic to see how little children absorb information. They soak it in like super sponges that never get too much liquid in it, and if they do, what happens? The sponge gets squeezed out before anything else will be absorbed in it again. This is the mind of a child. It doesn’t get all cluttered with an overwhelming amount of information before some of it comes out through the words and the actions of a child.

In many respects, people don’t think about how change must be part of a new understanding, new start and expectations on our own. We should look at ourselves to see how much we’ve grown in a week, a month or even a year. This is how we learn, this is how we accept those that are different than us or think differently then you and I.  And, this is a necessity for growth as people. What would it be like if we all agreed and thought alike? We would learn nothing at all. That would be a catastrophe.

What needs to change? 02/23 by Deccorqueen | Blog Talk Radio.


House #1

burst of color and lots of space make living in this space ...peaceful.

burst of color and lots of space make living in this space …peaceful.

221_0046 IMG_20120820_141653

“Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at the end.  It’s not a day when you lounge around doing nothing; it’s when you’ve had everything to do, and you’ve done it.”  (Margaret Thatcher)

My day begins with a big thank you to my maker.  I will be the best person I can be,  to meet and greet others with a smile and offer words of encouragement. After all, it’s a great day to be alive; it’s a gift that should not be wasted, and each day presents a new challenge.

My day also involves talking and working with homeowners who wish something different. They are tired of the way the space in their home or home office  is being used or wasted. They have ideas about the use of the space, but may not get around to actually making the changes.  Where Accentuate comes in is to inspire the ideas of our clients and add to them, thereby, giving them a finished picture of what can be done. And then, there are clients who do not know what they want to do. They just want something exciting and inviting for the space. Having  us share in this experience is very rewarding. I love the chance to see the space as a clean canvas to create on.

What’s a day worth to you? Is it being able to spend more time with your family and friends, is it doing something special for yourself,  is it to begin or end a project that requires your full attention, or is it the day that you should contact us to begin your room project?

Now that we are into this beautiful time of the year…Christmas Holiday’s…, we shape up our homes to look their best when we get together with family, friends and co-workers to celebrate this awesome time of celebration.  Also at this time, you decorate and spruce up your space to be beautiful, welcoming and very holiday-ish. If you’re like me, you stand back and admire your creation with a happy smile and a pleasing heart about your design.

What’s a day worth to us? It’s to have the opportunity to write this blog and introduce you to Accentuate Home Styling & Consulting, if you do not already know us. We want to hear from you. As mentioned earlier, we work with you in consulting  and planning your project. The next big Holiday after Christmas will be New Year 2013. We wish you well in the new year, and hope you will continue to think about…. What’s A Day Worth To You?  We are happy to bring you this message and look  forward to visiting with you once the Holiday’s are over. Plan early and get a head start. Have us provide you a personalized plan from Accentuate Home Styling & Consulting to begin your project, or have us help you with it.  You may reach us at .

Part of this season is the creative presentation of your decor that you decorate with. You may even be gearing up for a Holiday party, which again brings you into the decorating mode. One idea for a Christmas centerpiece is to use colorful fruit, green and red peppers along with Christmas colored candle, along with a few special ornaments in a fabulous bowl or special holder.

Christmas Centerpiece

Christmas Centerpiece

It strikes a great harmony within  the space,  and it certainly makes you and others  take notice of  what a special time this is.

Once the Holiday’s are over, keep color in your space and do not overcrowd your room. A day worth spending in your special designated room is worth a million dollars, and we would love to consult and help you plan out your space for comfort, enjoyment and peace. Start 2013 by booking your consultation and planning process with us and keep remembering what the day is worth to you. Make it abundantly bright.

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