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How I Grew Into My Soap Dreams

Soap Dreams…….what is that? People have pipe dreams, so I felt I could have soap dreams. ūüôā Have you ever had soap dreams? I bet if you haven’t, you may very well want to experience some soap dreams. :).

For me, it is truly soap dreams. It’s my thoughts about the next batch of soap I will make to use on my skin or sell to friends, relatives or others who are interested in using safe soaps on their body.¬†Now, I would be exaggerating if I told you that I think about creating soap all the time. However, I can tell you I enjoy making it, trying out different blends and shapes.


You may be wondering how I began with my soaps.¬†The beginning of my special love of making soaps was to take care of my skin. I began to understand that not all commercial soaps were the best soaps, at least not for me. I only get this one go-round with the layer of skin I live with everyday. It’s like that for everyone, so it’s not something I do not think that others may think about from time to time. I’ve never made a better decision. I am so elated that I found this discovery of Natural Soaps with an organic feel to place onto my skin.

Imagine using a soap that really isn’t providing you the results you want to feel on your skin. Plus, ¬†there are so many ingredients you cannot even pronounce or know what it is. Of course, I assume the same thing can occur when you are safe about the soaps you use daily. However, there is probably less of a chance, because there’s not so many ingredients that you couldn’t recognize. ¬†When I make SAAAR-J Soaps(c) by Rita, I am delighted knowing that this product is a great soap that I, and others have used for a few years now. It is a natural soap, as I have stated, inclusive of ingredients that are safe for man, woman, boy or girl. I even wash my doggie with our soaps. Her hair is so soft after her bath. Using our soaps give my skin a wonderful, smooth and soft feeling. I can literally see a sheen on my skin. I am so excited to say that those that have used our soaps have been very pleased. They make great gifts.

Thank you for taking the time to read this short message about SAAAR-J Soaps by Rita.


House #1

burst of color and lots of space make living in this space ...peaceful.

burst of color and lots of space make living in this space …peaceful.

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Is Your Creative Button Turned On? Be original!

Is your creative switch turned on? You ask, where is it? It’s there and all you have to do is get acquainted with it, if you haven’t already.

Here is an idea to get you started. As I contemplated writing this blog, I thought about my clients and would-be-clients. The thrilling part of my job is to see that they use their creative button often.¬†Let’s get personal and talk about you. You have imagination that I would like to see you put to good use. Consider using it to explore a different way to use the wall space in your home.¬†¬†Even if you’ve never done a project that causes change in your home, this is one that you can do. I wouldn’t necessarily expect that you would attempt to do other decorative projects or processes, if you didn’t feel comfortable, but this I believe you can do.¬† I’m suggesting this, because it’s fairly¬†easy and fun. Since I’m always thinking about change, improvement and thinking outside the box, I feel this project will not be¬†too¬†costly, time consuming or labor intensive.

¬†Sometimes my mind’s eye sees something that I know would work in a particular person’s home, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a single family home or apartment dwelling. It’s¬†ALL ABOUT HOME. This is one of those projects. We strive when decorating to pull it together for a WOW factor no matter how big or small the space.

For this blog,¬† I’ve decided ¬†to pick¬†up on an idea I wrote about a couple of years ago.¬†The idea, itself, is the same; the difference is the finished product being used. To get to this idea, I’m going to number each item for you. You don’t have to follow the numbers exactly, just the idea to make it your own.

1. Today, I’m interested in making changes to wall space.¬† The walls cannot be forgotten when decorating a room. It sometimes sets the whole¬†room off in a fabulolus direction, other times it ties in with other furnishings, etc. in the room

2. Maybe, you want to leave the furniture as is or change it around a bit. My focus today, is the wall space.

3. Think art for the wall, and what you may want to see on your wall. Is it something with lots of colors, or a particular object infused into the¬†drawing, etc.? It could be many things. After all, art is in the eye of the beholder. It could be¬†a photograph or……¬† something you hadn’t thought about hanging on your wall. This idea may be¬†used in any room you decide on. It won’t break the bank, and is really easy, not very time consuming at all. Are you ready? Roll up your sleeves, get ready and pick a room to start with.

4. My idea to save you money is the use of fabric. Yes, fabric.¬† Think about all the great looking fabric you’ve seen on furniture, in bedding, etc. It could have been on a wall, and you just didn’t know it.¬† Find a piece of fabric that is beautiful, exhibits life with it colors, joy, happiness, shapes, designs within the fabric, and it gives you a spirit of fun.¬† It could be one color or an assortment¬†of colors, or a¬†design etched into the fabric.¬†This artwork will be a spotlight in your room and something to talk about.¬† Make it¬†eye-popping.

5. What’s your favorite color(s)? What else is in the room, and what about your furniture? Will it all work together? You have to use your imagination. Go through some of your things and see the colors that you tend to gravitate to. Check your furniture and the colors that are in it or around it (ie. rug on floor, etc.) Pick a dominate color and use that to coordinate with other colors in your room or if you already are using muted tones, then you may want to use a pattern that is bright, cheery and makes you feel good. Check out what colors you often pick for clothing, what colors is your wall painted now (if at all) and anything else that will help you make a decision about how this fabric should look.¬†¬†Many people are afraid of using color for fear it will not turn out right. This is why buying a piece of fabric that has colors in it, or subtle colors,¬†will be¬†your personal, created piece of art. Something that you, yourself pulled together and placed on the wall.¬†

6.¬†Color is so complimentary. Select the colors in your room, make a statement¬†and love your decision (and other’s will too). Before you start, pick a room and then a wall where you will place your new creation. ¬†Once the decision is made, you will apply¬†tape (i.e. masking tape or painters tape)¬†that is easily removed and won’t leave¬†a ¬†residue of glue behind. Be sure to check with the store and read the instructions on the tape, so as not to mess up your walls.¬† The tape is to be¬†used as a¬†guideline on the wall to show how big or small you want the actual¬†frame should be. Sizing will¬†give you a general idea¬†of how the frame should be¬†for the space it will occupy.¬†¬†Important: take into consideration¬†the size of your room and furniture.¬† Once this step is accomplished, step back and get a good impression of whether it will work for that area where you want to place it.¬†¬†No matter what… it will be original. It is your creative skills that has produced this masterpiece with your name on it.¬† No one¬†will have exactly what you have (unless they just love your work and choice of colors). After all, this will be a compliment to you.

Fabric has the best patterns, colors, lines, etc. There is so much to pick from. There is something for everyone. Be creative and have fun. Do not be afraid of using colors. As you purchase¬†your fabric, have it mounted so that it is pulled¬†tight over the frame. You can hang it like that, although a bigger frame may go over the whole¬†thing and provide a definitive and complete¬†look to the project. ¬†There, you have original art (you picked the pattern, did all the work, etc.) It’s now your focal point in the room. Enjoy!

I wish you well and would¬†love to hear from you. If you have questions or comments, please let me hear that also. Send photos of the before and after.¬† I’m sure other’s may be encouraged to try their hand at being¬†An Original Artist and turning their creative button on. Be original.

Decorating… On A Strict Budget

You’ve made the decision¬†that you want to change a particular room in your home. That done, nothing happens for a time, and then you’re out shopping and see an accessory that would¬†work perfectly. ¬†It may not work exactly in the room you’ve decided to re-decorate. However, it’s a must have; great price, great color and perfect for¬†‘A’ room in your home. A must have, and you discover it’s workable in the room you’ve chosen to redecorate.

¬†Stop:¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† This is the time to ask yourself if you’re¬†serving the purpose of decorating…on a strict budget.¬†¬†

 I understand that this is not a description of your decorating habits, but if it is, you may need to be more diligent and aware of your goals.  What are your goals for this project?

  1. You’ve decided on the chosen room to be decorated.
  2. You’ve drawn up an idea sheet of¬† how you see the room (as it is completed) using your imagination.
  3. You’ve taken stock of what stays and what goes. Those items not usable anymore (and in decent condition) may be passed on to someone who cannot afford anything for their home.
  4. You’ve thought about colors, accent pieces and planned¬†how the space will be utilized.
  5.  What are the necessary items to come out of one room and go into the new space?
  6. Does the furnishings and accessories blend together for a clean, uncluttered and inviting appearance? Do they have to? Yes, but not always exact. Periods of furniture and even opposites work great together. In my estimation, it not only has to look good, but feel good as you check it out. It will just seem very right as you see it.
  7. Now for your budget, how much do you have put aside towards the project (i.e. focusing on this project). Be certain you’re NOT taking from something else to continue your decorating project.
  8. Will you stick to your budget or is it okay to go over ……just a little! Did you forget about the budget and not make one at all? Is it exact¬†or have you planned for a small overage (sometimes complications occur when you start to decorate).¬† A buffer is always necessary in the event something else arises that must be¬†taken care of in order to complete the project. You don’t want to have to leave it half done. That would be worse than not ever doing it in the first place and just not feeling good about how your home feels and looks to you.
  9. Once your project has been completed will you be satisfied for a time, or did you not give it enough thought afterall?

What I’m saying is¬†it’s possible, very possible, to decorate on a strict budget and do a fabulous job. Sometimes it means¬†cutting down on the money spent by using items you already own (and still like a lot). Exchange or interchange within the rooms for a newer look and feel. Perhaps just adding something small that ties the room together at the end is the one thing that you actually purchase. Anything you’ve taken from one room to use in another room¬†means at some point, you get to start over again when it comes time to redecorating another place in the home. Maybe at that time, you’ll decide to have someone assist¬†you with this fun process, or perhaps you’ll become an expert. ¬†Please dispose of the items in the proper way or pass it along through a charitable agency for other’s who want to decorate….On A Strict Budget or no budget at all.¬† Make certain all items given away are¬†in good condition before you pass it along to someone else.¬†¬† Gently used is one thing, but near to broken and falling apart is another. No one would want that, so examine the items carefully while you think about how great that person will feel seeing their home¬†furnished with items that are new to them, and you get a tax write off.¬† It’s a fabulous feeling to believe you’ve helped someone else and put a smile on the face of both of you.

We hope we have helped you with this blog on Decorating…On A Strict Budget. Please note, however, that if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and cannot¬†get started, we will work with¬†you and help you reach your goals.¬†

Rita A.

We’re Back!

 Opening Statement

June 2010 – I am so excited about starting Accentuate’s blog again.¬†In the coming months, I’m hoping we’ll get to talk¬†a bit about your decorating projects, and I will be telling you other things Accentuate has coming down the pike. So, please don’t be shy and¬† share with me some of your funny, sad, glad and down-right over the top experiences in decorating. This blog is to help other’s know they aren’t alone in their quest for that perfect (oh, did I say the “p” word) home or office setting. No such animal, I must say right here and now.

¬†It is all about you.¬† This is true, and the efforts made in taking on such a task is worth saying the “p” word once or twice. Keep your decorating experiences light and fun.¬† Please don’t base¬†the decorating experience from what you see on television, and remember¬†what you see of a project¬†is only one part of it. The show is only so long, so some of the¬†tasks have to¬†be¬†prepared¬†earlier for time sake.¬† Do you have the drive, love, passion and TIME¬†to commit to your¬†decorating plans? If you are going to start a project and not complete it for another year, then perhaps its best to wait. Make a budget and keep it, and if you’re doing the project on your own it doesn’t mean that you have to have every dime to start. You can save so much. Just begin.., save some more, … continue and then, …. complete. Stay within budget. Keep in mind that using a decorator has many advantages as well.¬† We’re committed to help keep the weight off your shoulders and make the decorating adventure¬†fun.¬†Remember, we also¬†have access to certain products and items you have no way of knowing about.

¬†We would like to share this journey with you. There will be fun times, lots of laughter, lots of¬† thinking-out-of the box, and if that’s a little scary for you, then we will use some ideas you’d feel comfortable with and ask you to try one new thing. ¬†How’s that sound? The best is yet to come.¬†¬†¬†There are many people who love to be¬†creative in styling their homes. Some try it out and¬†not particularly excited about the outcome or time necessary to devote to getting the project done.

About two months ago, I began to think that the office in our home (my husband and I share) could definitely stand a refresher. I wasn’t sure about what I wanted to do. So, I started looking at websites, magazines, reading everything, and just being creative in¬†my thinking. I started writing stuff down, cataloging photos, talking to fellow designers, etc. Finally, we decided on a particular design for the room, and¬†my husband is going to¬†lend his expertise in the art for the room.

I love decorating and like simple lines, but I can be¬†formal when the room calls for it. The office will be done¬†with a very simple, yet tasteful, out-of-the box approach. I like the comfort and easiness of moving around the house and not worrying about the “stuff”, too much. After all, it will not last forever, but I do want to¬†enjoy it.¬†This is the attitude I take with my clients regardless of their style. This project and process is suppose to¬†be fun, not stressful. I have worked with folks who have no idea how to relax to make the process enjoyable.¬† I would like to help them explore the decorating experience and show them it¬†will be accomplished¬†with confidence and relaxation.

Please share your thoughts and opinons¬†with me on this first introduction of our returning blog. I love to know who I’m communicating with, what you do, and how you view the thought or idea of decorating your home or office. Tell me if you would rather do it yourself, why and how long you believe it will take for you to complete the project. And, please tell me about other decorating experiences you’ve had or that of someone you’ve helped.¬†Also, will you let me know some of the subject matter you want presented? I would like to write about those¬†thing that are of interest to you.¬†

Until next blog (which will be about 1 month from now), please send me all kinds of ideas for topics, etc. Please check out Accentuate Home Styling and Consulting on Facebook (on your fb page just put the company name into the search area).

Member of IDS – Interior Design Society/DFW chapter

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