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Right or Wrong , Left or Right, Up or Down, Inside or Outside?. What is the difference? It all brings about….. Change. Who should take credit for the constant change?

Life changes practically everyday. As we plan something new and different, the unexpectant may occur out of the blue. In other words, there is nothing suspect on my radar, but changes may happen and suddenly appear without warning. What am I referring to?  Challenges! They may be temporary or forever. Challenges! Inwardly, they cause us to push ourselves to grow. Without challenges, we would pretty much stand still and never grow in knowledge or experiences. Boring! Outwardly, it may be a real struggle in meeting these challenges, which may result in big and/or small rewards and changes.

I am so upset about the world and all of its battles, challenges and misfortunes. I do not dare to expect utopia. I know there is much happening, which we must deal with in society.  The mere fact there is a deep division trying to be placed upon people of all races against one another is very sad to me. I am a true believer of GOD. We are created equal and that clearly doesn’t mean it’s the way it is.  I wonder what it will take for us to sincerely get along,  respect one another and be ‘happy for the next person’. We don’t want to be a bunch of clones, and change requires these things to happen. I love to believe, because we are all human and come in the world the same way, we would find peace with one another. A big challenge and the bigger question is….. why compete with one another over every single issue regarding life and life issues?

In society it seems to be all about what group of people is better than the other, measuring what group of people spend more money than the other when purchasing items like a home, furnishings, clothing, cars, college or who goes to the best doctor, biggest church, etc. You name it, and we challenge each other on a continuous basis. What would it take for people to just be happy for each other to achieve the positive and learn from any mistakes that are made. Life happens to us all on a day-day basis for as long as we live, who is growing and achieving anything positive in this world, on a day-day basis? That would be so awesome! Imagine how the world would change!

I’m not at all interested in making anyone change that doesn’t desire to do so. It is a burden to some and an impossibility for others. Those that want change, work hard to make it happen and live to grow in the change as well. This is to whom I am referring. There is a deep encouragement for anyone who desires to see what magnificant things may occur and lie ahead in life. However, this opportunity is open to All, as we all are created to do great things in this world. No matter your contribution, it surely matters, and thus, makes the world better and filled with ways to grow and knowledge to build upon.

Last point! Life can be like a jigsaw puzzle with moving parts. Don’t be afraid of the moving parts of change. It’s like a car with a motor, steering wheel and tires, plus all the other necessarities that are required to make a car run.  This is the perfect example of change in life. As you grow in life, expect those moving parts of your life to bring changes you may or may not welcome. However, even when unwelcomed, changes can bring a new beginning to a lifestyle that necessitates some improvement on some level. Every single person requires change to grow into something that may cause a wonderful surprise in life. Let go, and be aware there are working parts that we don’t always have control over in our life.  How did change(s) occur for you? Does anything stick out in your mind? Have the change(s) you experienced made a big difference in your day-day life/lifestyle?

Change is great. Without it, none of us would make any progress. We would be at a stand-still process and going no place fast. Maybe if there was a little robot that says we made all the changes in life that are allowed, then we would stop at a certain point and go no further. Imagine, if we were created to be a robot or a person with absolutely no desire to learn as we move ahead. It would be like being useless to yourself and/or anyone else. Using what we’ve learned to help others is the best thing we could share with another person. It’s just the thing to happen while we are in the flux of change or changing.

I am closing now. I will proceed with other things needing attention. Yet, another change in the Big Scheme of Life which causes us to experience LIFE IN CONSTANT CHANGE.  I thank GOD for the opportunity.











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