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You probably answered with a resounding NO, but I would say yes. One’s image can tell a history or story without words spoken, and one’s home can do the same thing. We often say we really don’t care what people think, but deep down, we do. Someone sees you from across a room or interacting with others and decides they know you based on how you look, act or react. Someone sees your home on the outside and decides they know how it looks on the inside. It may seem like it’s something small, but image can be a big booster or a let-down for any of us.

 Awhile back, I spent a good deal of time talking to businesses and schools making people aware of how important their image was to their success in life. Unfortunately, it’s true. We are not quick to judge ourselves and correct our ways for the better, and we allow others to do it for us. When we leave ourselves or our home open for someone else to judge, we are hurt and sometimes angry. This happens even when you don’t ask anyone’s opinion. Who has the right? No one has the right to ridicule, but people take it upon themselves to judge, and sometimes they are making the decisions.

 Since I have been an interior decorator, I have treated my clients the same way that I did when I was teaching about positive image. I teach them and empower them to recognize that the way they feel and the choices they make for their home will have a reflection on them.  I feel the image of home is a true reflection of how I think and feel about myself (at any given time). I want things to be nice and in a place. When everything is all over, I notice I get stressed and not as productive.


  • The more I do interior decorating, the more I know that image is so important. Not for others, but for myself. For myself or anyone else, it’s a reflection of how we may think about things or it’s a point where you can see something is not right for you. You know that if you  like your home decorated and neat,  and suddenly is looks like a storm came through most of the time, there may be other things going on with you.


  • You may feel inadequate in decorating your home. Many people do. Ask for help. This is what I do, and so many others like me. We cannot know how to do all things at all times. I even ask other decorators for help when I need to. Never be too proud to ask.


Sometimes, your home reflects something that is not true about you. It has its own image, based on what you do with it and to it. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it must bear the image you want to display for others to remember, and you must be aware of that image. Image is here, not going anywhere, and people will continue to judge. Be your own judge, and live with your decisions about who you are. Change yourself when you become aware that you are happier and more content when you take charge of the image of your home and of yourself. Don’t change because everybody else wants you to; change because it’s right for you.

You be the judge and think about your image. Does your home pick up your personal image? Yes or no?




  1. A very good point, fantastic post!

  2. Reblogged this on PJ Grace Community and commented:
    How true, as they say all truth is parallel
    Great post!

    • Thanks for reblogging and the interest shown. I am going to have a part 2 to this topic..Is Your Personal Image a Reflection of Your Home? I think it very important and can make someone aware of the baggage they carry around that may not allow them to be the funny, uplifting person they really are. Their image speaks…….

  3. […] IS YOUR PERSONAL IMAGE A REFLECTION OF YOUR HOME? Posted on July 17, 2012 by pjgracecommunity Reblogged from All About Home: […]

  4. I completely agree, image is everything… and although we shouldn’t worry what others think… But I’ve found if you make your surroundings more beautiful it makes you feel much better. XX Cat

    • Thanks so much for reading my blog, and I certainly appreciate your comments. Please come back often.

    • Thank you so much for reading and commenting on my blog about personal image. I agree that making surroundings beautiful will make a person feel better about their circumstances. It is my point, however, it may be very difficult to get to that point when the burden is too heavy. A person’s desire to want a change in circumstances doesn’t always come easy. They sometimes refuse to give up the invisible 100 lb weight they carry around. The label that may befall them is the silence of their words and the outward appearance and actions. This involves their personal self; outward actions and reactions. I will elaborate on this as an answer to my first blog on this topic. “Is Your Personal Image a Reflection of Your Home? Keep coming back. I enjoy the dialogue.

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