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I was watching my granddaughters play and one said to the other…”I can do it myself and will you help me please”, all in the same breath. I found it sweet and funny at the same time. It’s an oxymoron to say “I can do it myself  and will  you help me.” Even through the humor, it made me think about how many times we find ourselves in some type of dilemma where we may need  help and never ask for it. 

This blog is about getting the most out of the home improvements projects you have in mind. What are your plans for your project? What is your budget, do you know where to acquire items for your project that are able to take you to a different level in re-decorating and re-defining space in your home? I really like to emphasize to clients to create with the idea of  ‘stepping outside of the box’. It’s the only way to capture full creativity of the project and be able to answer…… Just what do I want to do with this room?

DIY projects are to be fun, not exhausting and go on forever. Once started, the excitement builds to see the project through fruition. However, for some, it may well turn into a nightmare; it may end up not being anything you had in mind. Often times,  we get absorbed in the great looking room(s) seen in magazines, on television and admire what other people have done with their space. That’s great, because we sometimes need a creative push to start the ideas coming. Decorate based on who you are,what gets your creativity flowing and comments from those who will be using the space as well. Otherwise, disenchantment may come quickly. Think if it’s something you’ll be happy with 6 months down the road, or if it’s really your style? You will discover your personal style as you expand your  thinking, explore being outside of the box, and combine objects you’ve seen with your own ideas.

With the DIY process we are available to come into your space without actually being there. We offer you suggestions in all phases of decorating your space.. We’ll even help you find some unusual products for your project that fit your personality and want to ‘step outside of your comfort box’.  We can  acquire great ideas and insight from hearing and reading the opinions of others who have arrived to a degree (we should always challenge ourselves to think bigger and to  recognize challenges and rewards) as we continually learn and grow. Even designers/decorators talk their ideas through with other professionals about a project, so as we maximize the result.

What are some of the snags you may run into doing your redecorating projects? Why not let us know? This way, you’ll be helping others.  If you have to knock down walls to expand a room, or put up a wall, move a window, we do not do that at all. We work with balancing the room and taking you outside your comfort level for a room that is greater and grander than your expectations.

For all of our DIY fans, we can help you from far away, and it will be just like we are sitting beside you discussing your project. We have links below for our E-decorating that explains this process with the rooms listed. Check it out on the website  or on www.facebook.con/accentuatehome.rla . We come to you no matter where you live. We offer you full consultations. It’s all virtual.

How do you feel about color? Would you prefer to dedicate most of the color palate to the walls, etc. or would you prefer to use it in your furnishings and accessories? Color is magnificent. It is so uplifting, and if used correctly, you may combine two varying colors to work in the room or a single space. Fabulous, if placed right. White is a great non-color to compliment the brighter, more invigorating colors used in your project. Not only using colors on the wall, but you can bring one/some (depending on pattern) into your accessories. Put your imagination to task. I know you will come up with some great ideas, and remember, we’re always here to help. Check out a room that needs a change. Try a wall mural of something special and meaningful to you. Murals are great in any room. We will work to take you outside of your safety box and try something different for your space.  Lay your ideas out and contact us to shore up your project. We’ll make suggestions that will possibly save you money, find product(s) at reduced or wholesale prices (when available) and that which you may not always we able to meet for yourself. We will confer with you on all levels.

What room have you been putting off, because you’re not sure what to do, scared to start that you may mess up, or just cannot imagine the room any other way then what it presently is. Some people have rooms that become wasted space. They may use a room has a catch-all, but continue to pay for heat and air conditioning. Why not take time to focus on what that room could be used for. A t.v. room, reading room, a room for the children to play in or exercise room. It’s up to you. Turn on your creativity button and get started. I would really like to hear from you, as well as hear about your projects. It’s always fun to see how people’s imagination starts to flow once they start being creative. Please don’t forget, we want to help you. Don’t feel like you are alone in this process.


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