build your core values

Sad, but true that 2011 is a year that many people would rather erase from their memories and experiences. Some have lost jobs, while others have lost their home as well. It’s a sad state of affairs, and I pray that 2012 will be a big upturn for all who have felt beaten down. There are some better days coming. You are going to do lots of things, including redecorating space in your home or office. Was that not in the plan?  I want to place the idea out there for your 2012. Think about it. How about a particular room(s) representing ‘fabulous’ with lots of  POP under a controlled budget? You have one, right? No, you say! Continue to read on.

In my business I consult, meet and talk with people, probably alot like yourself about the beginnings and end to decorating and the application. It is my desire to work closely with my client(s) for complete understanding and expectations. I want to teach them about the art of thinking outside of their comfort zone while sharing ideas that will bring excitement in the decorating process. We entertain various levels of decorating. Everyone deserves a great place to relax and come home to. Even if one cannot go all out, there is something small that will  make a difference in any room. It’s a matter of expectation and thinking outside the box. Once your spirits are lifted and your imagination starts to peak, you get truly involved in the project. You’re ready to take on a responsiblity of what will equate to change, and it is your beginning of something new. Use this same thought and feeling to lift the spirit of someone else. People watch one another, and if they see you approaching an unfortunate time in a positive manner, it could have a great effect on them as well. This is part of what I offer my clients. I want to make you (the client) feel the excitement and joy that comes  from being involved in this type of project. There is a rainbow ahead. You and I will open our creative minds to come up with ideas that will not only affect how the room looks in the end, but provide you a learning lesson of new ways to expand your thinking. The progress you make will encourage you to share with someone else. Decorating is so much fun, but there is so much more you’re learning. It’s lessons about life. It’s about using  your mind  and growing it every day to uncover yourself in this decorating process.

I love different. Working with colors, shapes and sizes of decor and furnishings lead to many fascinating and decorative  ideas. Sometimes it happens in the middle of the night. You’ll get a grand idea for a space. Write it down, otherwise you’ll not remember by morning. It is about thinking in broader terms of what you will achieve, not what you might achieve. It about expectations  of self. I will do that as I work with you and the space in your home.

Please do not short change yourself by not using the creativity within you. You are blessed with it. Everyone has some level of creativity; some broader than others. It’s one of the many gifts we are born with. Use it or lose it. The more I use my creativity, the better I see things in my minds-eye. It’s truly exciting to see what I come up with.

I encourage you to consider  using our DIY process (on website and FB business page). The information I present to you is sharing, and I would like you to share with me some of your decorating ideas as well.  ( and (

This blog has taken me awhile to put together. I wasn’t sure how I could marry the ideas of decorating and sharing thoughts together, but I believe it’s one you clearly understand. You will hopefully begin to get a picture of yourself while receiving and asking for help.Brighten up someone else’s day.


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