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  • Model Size (in)      59x59x89
  • Material ABS
  • Two persons
  • Glass thickness (mm)     6 mm
  • Front step
  • Two seats
  • Two pillows
  • Overhead rain shower
  • Sliding hand shower
  • Steam generator
  • Alarm
  • Cold and hot water controls
  • Soap and shampoo dispenser
  • Massage tub
  • Back Massage
  • Foot massage
  • LED lighting Ceiling, and background
  • LCD computer control panel
  • Remote Control
  • LED lighting Ceiling, and background
  • Mirror and towel rack
  • Ozone unit
  • Ventilation fan
  • FM Radio with CD input capability
  • Telephone with loud speaker
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Flexible drain pipe
  • Steel frame tub support
bathtub for two

Material Acrylic Massage tub for 2 persons 120 volt SS in line water heater Hand held shower head and hose Air pump and air jets Microcomputer LCD control panel Shortage of water protection Removable Pillow FM..

You’ve arrived home, kicked off your shoes, taken off whatever denotes work attire and ready to slip into something comfortable. It’s time for relaxation! Part of your relaxation is to eat a wholesome dinner, take a long, long, long bath or shower after your daily exercise (maybe you did that during lunchtime). How about a little steam to pull all of those toxins out of your body (called stress for the purpose of this blog), and just relax. Can you picture yourself doing this? I’ve often wished I had a sauna I could go and hide out in from time to time, but I would need a special room just for that. It’s not an affordable item for me, or for many people I know. However, these bathtubs and steam cabinets are for your bathroom, and can replace the tub or shower you now have. Have you been thinking about remodeling your bathroom? Why not think about what it would be like to come home to this type of treatment? You richly deserve it.

The definition of relaxation is to us, stress-free, calmness and peacefulness. You get it yet? Do you feel that way as you read this blog? Relaxation is important in our lives. It means that we won’t age as quickly, perhaps not get sick or worn down as often as we do or stress out so much. It means thinking straight, not worrying about everything and everybody. It doesn’t mean throw caution to the wind or have no care in the world. It means to take whatever you’ve dealt with during the course of a day, and come home to the safety of your home, where you can spend a little time with your massage bathtub or steam shower combo.  Isn’t that a great thought? Even saying it makes you feel better. While visiting this great store, I really began to note just how much stress we all take in during the day. Hence, this blog came to mind. Just being around the equipment makes you realize how peaceful life could be; how you can get into your bathtub or shower combo and let the cares of the world melt away.

I visited Bathtub and Shower Store today. It was so much fun being there. It certainly makes you wish you had space, funds and time to buy a tub and a steam shower combo. I can only imagine. The quiet and sanctity of such a place to hide-out is like a Peace of Heaven. It’s a way of taking the most quiet time to be thankful for your day, and most of all being able to spend your time in such a calming place. If you’ve thought about redoing your bath, why not think about putting a steam shower combo and/or a massage bathtub in your home? We can help you figure out what works for you. Contact us today and tell us you’re interested in knowing more. We’re here to help you, and possibly negotiate a discount for you.

Come on…get your relaxation on…contact us. You won’t be sorry once you are in that tub and/or shower.

What is your daily relaxation method? If you don’t have something you can do to take away the strains of the day, will you please take time and think about what would work for you?

Thanks, and now I’m off to my steam shower for an hour or so (sic). Only kidding and wishing, but I must confess to you and say …..”it isn’t so.”


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