build your core values

Given the opportunity ….

to grow, learn and stretch your incredible..decorating.. self, would you take it?

Once you’ve decided to begin a new project, whether it’s a do-it-yourself project or you’re hiring an interior design/decorating company (i.e. Accentuate), please remember that being open and motivated to learn something new is worthwhile and part of the process.  Before starting, you must have a plan of start and finish. As much fun as it is, there is  a serious side in reaching your goal(s).  Everything you forgot to write will become clear as you go along, however, try to make your list in an orderly fashion. This will eliminate going backwards and wasting time. Here are some suggestions to start your list. 

  1. What is your project going to cost? You may not know this at the outset. Find a comfortable figure, increase or decrease it as you plan the design of your room, furniture, decor and accessories. This is so important in your planning stages.
  2. Create a strong picture (whatever presents you with clarity re: your project) so you will always be moving forward with not too many setbacks.
  3. Plan to reach your goals within the project (one part at a time). Don’t start 5 things at once.
  4. Work your plan-plan your work!
  5. Understand what is important to you and the family as to meeting everyone’s needs,  and after the remake, will the space be adequate.
  6. Continue to stretch your imagination about changes.
  7. Make definitive choices – don’t keep changing your mind.
  8. Don’t be afraid to call on a professional (if you find it hard to get started or time is not working for you). You may need someone to help you stay on track, save you money in the long run and keep you from spending lots of time looking for items to decorate, etc.  You may want someone to do part of the project and you do the rest.  It is far less expensive to ask then do-it-yourself and have your costs go sky-high.
  9. Your Plan is super important, even when you’re having a professional consultation. If you can explain and share your ideas and preferences for the project, the professional will be able to let you know if your plan needs anything else, is on the right path or  (she or he) may have some other ideas. Your  project will be so much fun and some really cool things will come out of  the blending of  ideas.
  10. Communication is essential. Write everything down. You should write your own ideas down of any decisions made or conversations you have about this project. This goes for anyone you hire as well. Then, there is less chance of any miscommunication happening and the project stays on course.
  11. If you decide to work with a professional interior design/decorating company, meet on a cordial basis first  to know if you will be able to work together.  It’s difficult to work with someone when there isn’t a connection.  Secure a time when both parties may come together to discuss your project in more detail.
  12. Time is money. If you’re doing your own project would you hire yourself and for how much? If you’re actually hiring someone to help you, etc., remember their time is very valuable. Have all your ducks in a row, respect each other’s time, and both parties should  keep a record of discussions and decisions. This is to avoid any  disagreements. Just be excited and be willing to try something different. Doing the same thing the same way (all the time) results in the same outcome. Open communication is crucial.

Being organized is essential and one of the first things in your plan. Usually any room that is being redone, revamped, redecorated, etc. must be  decluttered and cleaned out.

For example: you’ve decided to redecorate a specific room in your home. Is it prudent to start not knowing exactly what you want to  do? Is there clutter to get ride of, or will you be able to offer  some items that are in good condition to someone else who doesn’t have as much as you? Everyone feels better when their home looks comfortable, cheery and welcoming. In the middle of starting your project, are you moving things around from one side to another, or have you done your job at decluttering …..first. Give yourself some props if you’ve taken the time to do that. Now, your room is prepped and the fun is about to start. Decluttering is very important . Cross off those things that will help you complete your project through this phase. Think about stretching your incredible….decorating..self…. before beginning.

These very things are the same things I talk with my clients about. I am quick to compliment them on their ideas, and I’m honest in all dealings. I love to see the excitement of clients as they express their ideas about the revamping of space, decor and accessories. It’s really fun and exciting for both client and professional.

In our next blog, we will talk a little about the decluttering phase of any room. However, we’ll focus on a special room that is common when redecorating any space. Stay tune.

In the meantime, please make me proud by…Stretching Your Incredible..Decorating..Self! I love to hear from you. Please comment to this blog. It is to make your life easier, less taxing and stressful. We can all use that. Happy Decorating.

This will give you a great start. We will have a series of topics covering:  STRETCHING YOUR INCREDIBLE..DECORATING..SELF!



  1. Rita~ Is this photograph from your home? I love the plaque on the wall of Ebbets’ field.( My husband has been a Dodger fan since he was 4 years old). And I love the NY license plates! I have used some of our old Texas and Oklahoma license plates on a wall in our house.

    • Jean, as you know that is a picture from our home. Thanks for the inquiry. Also, please allow me to wish you and your family a most blessed Christmas Season and a Happy New Year. Jean, I received your Christmas card and liked it alot. Happy to know you, and appreciate all you said. It’s always important to know that I’m doing what Our Dear Lord has prescribed for me. Keep us in prayer, and we will do the same for you. I hope you’ll enjoy this blog for the month of January/February.


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