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Hello there, while you’re enjoying the summer being outdoors in the pool, barbecuing, playing games and generally having fun, you’re reminded that it’s a great time to spruce up both the interior and exterior of your home (especially before the cool/cold weather comes). Where should you start?

Define your space.

Dedicate  your space with warm inviting colors, tones, decor and accessories.  Add a new twist to your decorating skills.

Decorate using all of  your imagination and abilities  while creating a space that represents who you are.

While you’re trying to stay cool during this 100 degree temperature or something close to it, try relaxing and enjoy the surroundings inside your home. The market has fabulous colors to use in the summer months and some that can go into the Fall season. Colors like yellows, rose/pinks, turquoise, lime or light greens and variations of reds, blues and other fantastic summer colors await your discovery. You are probably aware of how painting a room can make a big difference. You may consider having one piece of furniture (a major piece) upholstered, using some fabulous color fabrics, add throw rugs, if you want,  on your floor. I’m a proponent of  painting color on walls. If you decide to use a color or two to paint a room do it with care. You do not want the room(s) to become too busy. There are so many great ways to tie colors together (even when the room has its own color).  If you’re not sure, caution on the side of subtlety. However, do not be afraid of color. It is so great to set your mood. If you’re sad, using  color will make you feel uplifted. If you’re tired, bright, cheery colors will offer you energy. It gives you whatever you need at a particular time. Some people are afraid to use color. Don’t be afraid. Try it in one spot of the room where it will be seen by others and get their reactions. Your world is in color and, I hope, you not uneasy about that.

Decorating is fun and encompasses your thoughts and purpose. Ask yourself questions like…  why (do you want to decorate a specific area)?  what (do you plan to change)?  how (will you go about it)?  when (will the project begin and end)? Ask and answer these questions to the best of your ability. If you feel this process is a bit overwhelming, then ask for help.  Accentuate Home Styling and Consulting will add another service very soon. We will help you in decorating your space, thereby providing you with samples and information necessary to complete your project ……yourself.  Watch for our long distance service offered by Accentuate E-Consulting for Decorating  via computer. Details will come soon, and we will be able to help you where you want assistance. You will decorate with confidence using us as your assistant. We will present this added service on our website ( and on  in the near future. Watch the websites for the announcement of its beginning.

If you done your homework and you’re ready to go, start your planning process. In the last blog, I wrote about an inexpensive way to create your own wall art. This is available to you through personal designs, pictures of people, places and things you find have an artistic quality to them. What you see as art for any space is only limited by your thoughts. Everything has some type of artistic value (I believe). Use your imagination. Check out the magazines, look in the stores and be aware of what surrounds you. There is always something that can become a piece of art. Take photos of sunsets, beautiful scenes, some special event and anything that your eye connects with to create your art.  Pick items you like and will add substance to your room. Once you have made your decisions re: execution of your plan, your on your way. Be excited and look forward to displaying your ideas and handiwork to others. If you’re not excited, then you cannot expect anyone else to show excitement.

We love colors. So, I’m sharing a combination of colors I use to begin my creative thinking. These are some of my favorite colors, and I have more. I love a room that has a major and minor color application which fits so well with the decor and brings balance and creativity to the project.



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