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Allow me to wish you the best 2011 and hopefully your Holidays were wonderful. I had the pleasure of spending it with much of my family (except my daughter), and we did visit for a while over the phone. Last year seemed to go by so quickly. It was rather difficult to put it into perspective once Thanksgiving came and went; then the Christmas Holidays were upon us. We whisked through the end of 2010 knowing it was about  over, and we welcomed in 2011 with a spirit of hope and expectations.

How was 2010 for you? I know for many it wasn’t the best of years and possibly seemed like the worst. With every negative, there is a positive and sometimes it takes a lot of energy to foster that light just ahead of you. You may even see the light at the end of the tunnel, but actually getting there is a tough road. What will make you feel better? What will brighten your day and bring that smile back to your face? You’ll just have to make lemonade out of those lemons! Right?

Most recently I had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful men and women with great spirits. They are homeless, and I literally mean homeless. This means no permanent or definite roof over their heads, this means being exposed to all types of temperatures and weather. As I communicated with them, I became very concerned how they would make it through each day (especially on cold, rainy and snowy days). What would they do with the few meager pieces of clothing, etc. they possessed? Well, their high spirits surprised me.  They made me smile more than I could have done for them. At that moment, I realized how fortunate I am … right here and now.

Then, there is another way of looking at what “homeless” means. In this spiraling down economy, there are so many families now who find themselves “homeless”, especially in the states of California, Arizona, Nevada and Florida.  This  homeless situation refers to those unfortunate persons having lost their home due to foreclosure or a short sale, a loss of a job, or the adjustable rate mortgage the banks eagerly handed out a few years ago was about to adjust, and they simply couldn’t afford the new payments.  So, most of these families are now renters until their credit is restored, and they are able to become homeowners once again.

 As a renter, you may think “This is not my house, I’m not decorating it!” Of course, there is always the aspect and reminder of your former residence, and how you made it your own space by decorating it.  The owner of the home may not want you to put holes in the wall or paint it the color you would like.  I say, if you’re going to live in it for a while you want to make it your own!  You have options – try to get the owner to work with you.  Tell the owner you would like to make the space something that speaks of who you are, your likes and that it will be very attractive when you finish. You just have to make assurances that the home will not  change in a way that  will make it unable  re-rent at your time of departure. Suggest that you want to hang pictures, curtains and paint the walls; let this person know that before you move you will restore everything to its previous state by spackling and repainting, if necessary (the owner may love the work you’ve done).  If the owner is still against it, there are always the special bonding strips for hanging just about anything. If painting is not an option, accessorize with lots of color  pillows, art, and window treatments. Most of all, enjoy the roof over your head. Think about others who wished they had that problem of how to decorate a space that is (hopefully) warm, comfortable and keeps the rain out.

 Note: Thanks to our contributor – Mona C.

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