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Writing this blog is enjoyable. I feel like I have an opportunity to get to know you a little, and you get to know me. You ‘Like’ Accentuate Home Styling and Consulting, and we want to ‘Like’ you back. The importance of our blog, All About Home is to offer you a variety of topics concerning home and life in the home. It doesn’t have to be constant talk about decorating, etc. (although that will be a great part of it) and topics related to home. We want the blog to be fun, informative, meaningful and cause you to keep coming back to see what we’re up to at All About Home.

So, let’ s begin over a smooth glass of my favorite wine. Maybe I shouldn’t say favorite, rather, to note I have a couple of different wines I enjoy from time to time. I’m not a big drinker, so it either water or wine. Much of it depends on what I’m eating, and that is why I posted the question above to you as I did.

Let’s imagine, I’m sitting in my kitchen with you, sipping my glass of Pinot Noir with a great Thai dish, because that’s what sounds really good now. I imagine we would be talking about decorating and issues of change to be made in the home. For awhile now, I’ve noticed that people like to hang out in the kitchen when visiting, entertaining or just because it seems to be the place of importance in homes. I guess it’s because good things come out of the kitchen. It provides us with a warm, comfortable atmosphere and the aromas are usually magnificent. The best decisions are made while being in the kitchen. Did you know that?

This particular blog for the beginning of 2011 seems appropriate. After all, we’re getting to know one another, and you may be working on updating, renovating or decorating a room(s). There’ll be lots of information distributed to you through the blog, along with some brand new information about a new service. We are working on some great things for this year, and I’m excited. Our hopes are that you will be excited too.

You know, I hope you’ll sit in your kitchen, relaxing with your favorite wine, some eats and open up to any of the sites and links we have on the web. You will always find us, and we want you to visit often. After all, friends do keep in touch. Invite others along too. We would like to meet them as well. All the information where you can find Accentuate is posted, but I will give it to you right here. Website:, FB: Twitter: @deccorqueen and through email: rita_1467@hotmail. com . There, you have all the ways to find the infomatiion. I will look forward to hearing from you and having fun reading your answer to the above question. If you have special home type projects you’re working on or questions, please share with us. You may teach us a thing or two. ;o)

Thanks. Please submit your comments. Rita


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