build your core values

Let me say Happy Thanksgiving to all. I hope you will enjoy your time today, together with family and friends. We must never forget, however, those who have no one to share this day with. While we are all festive and excited about being together, let’s not forget those who will be alone… him or herself.

Take time to say “thanks” and ask for a special consideration for those who will or cannot share these same moments with those they care about.

If you follow All About Home, then you know that this blog has a brand new look to it. It’s exciting, with new things to come. Our blog next month (December) will highlight some ideas regarding changes you may want to make in your home/small office in the coming year. We will also share several ideas for decorating projects, becoming better organized, talk about so many great home ideas and processes that will make a difference to you. We, at Accentuate, would like very much to have your questions and/or (kind) suggestions. In other words, we would love to have your input. 2011 will bring great promise, excitement and hopefully a difference in each of our lives.


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