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Visual: You arrive in front of someone’s home; someone you’ve recently met or maybe it’s a house you are interested in purchasing. What is your first reaction? What’s the story this structure has to tell you? It generates all sort of mental messages in just a matter of seconds.

Now you’re ringing the front door bell. The door opens and the occupant(s) stand in front of you. Each person makes an assessment of the other, the structure and the waythe home is decorated. Suddenly you’re speculating what it is about the home that you like or dislike. You decide it isn’t your taste or you know you would decorate the home in a very similar fashion. Does it mean that the occupant and visitor have the same taste? Maybe this is true or a combination of decorating  personalities involved in making these decorating choices. It’s amazing how quickly all of this takes place. It takes me longer to write it then for you to go through the process. This 1/2 second of time tells you so much about the home, the people and yourself. The results are different for everyone, ‘as different’ as we are in our physical appearance and emotional reactions.

Tap Into the Personality of Your Home. How do you do this? It’s as important to do this as it is to know your own name. Your name belongs to you and represents your personality. The same goes for your home. It may look the same, some of the decor is similar, but yet, very different. It has the personality of the occupants that live there. Each presenting a piece of themselves to every part of that home.

I’ve recently discovered a fun book about decorating personalities. It gives descriptions of people who are most comfortable in their decorating style. Why do some people have an eclectic decorating style of a free soul? Some will be visual, while others are intuitive, etc. Wherever you fall, the style in your home is noticeable and possibly change as you change.  This journey is fun, and you will find out that you don’t waste money buying things you’re not happy with (just because someone else has it). It looks great in their home and fits their personality. Will it fit yours? Nonetheless, have fun discovering who you really are and go home and introduce yourself to your home once again. It’s a great moment to find out something else about yourself. You will discover and explore new changes for your home.  This is not a scientific test, and you will have more fun in discovering your decorating style. You can be sure if there are two homes that look the same in appearance from the outside, it wouldn’t match or be the same in decorating and decor on the inside. And, if that were the case, it is highly doubtful the occupant(s) would be enjoying the home like you. Take time to TAP INTO THE PERSONALITY OF YOUR HOME. Keep discovering yourself. I would like to hear from you. Email me and/or leave me a comment on the blog site or on the Facebook Business page. I will communicate back with you.

Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoy these topics. Please let me hear if there is something special you want me to talk about on this blog. Now go (re)decorate using some of what you have and TAP INTO THE PERSONALITY OF YOUR HOME.

Come back soon. Accentuate attempts to offer you more information about the why’s and how’s of your decorating choices and the possibilities of your likes and dislikes when decorating. We are a company that wants you to learn as we help you reach your decorating goals. We love change, the use of color and will be more than pleased to guide you in your quest for something different. If you live here in the Dallas/Ft. Worth and surrounding areas, please communicate and let us know if we may help you decorate your home. After all, we are entering a different season and that dictates a need for change in one or all rooms of your home. Talk to us!

Your decorator,



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