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You’ve made the decision that you want to change a particular room in your home. That done, nothing happens for a time, and then you’re out shopping and see an accessory that would work perfectly.  It may not work exactly in the room you’ve decided to re-decorate. However, it’s a must have; great price, great color and perfect for ‘A’ room in your home. A must have, and you discover it’s workable in the room you’ve chosen to redecorate.

 Stop:                          This is the time to ask yourself if you’re serving the purpose of decorating…on a strict budget.  

 I understand that this is not a description of your decorating habits, but if it is, you may need to be more diligent and aware of your goals.  What are your goals for this project?

  1. You’ve decided on the chosen room to be decorated.
  2. You’ve drawn up an idea sheet of  how you see the room (as it is completed) using your imagination.
  3. You’ve taken stock of what stays and what goes. Those items not usable anymore (and in decent condition) may be passed on to someone who cannot afford anything for their home.
  4. You’ve thought about colors, accent pieces and planned how the space will be utilized.
  5.  What are the necessary items to come out of one room and go into the new space?
  6. Does the furnishings and accessories blend together for a clean, uncluttered and inviting appearance? Do they have to? Yes, but not always exact. Periods of furniture and even opposites work great together. In my estimation, it not only has to look good, but feel good as you check it out. It will just seem very right as you see it.
  7. Now for your budget, how much do you have put aside towards the project (i.e. focusing on this project). Be certain you’re NOT taking from something else to continue your decorating project.
  8. Will you stick to your budget or is it okay to go over ……just a little! Did you forget about the budget and not make one at all? Is it exact or have you planned for a small overage (sometimes complications occur when you start to decorate).  A buffer is always necessary in the event something else arises that must be taken care of in order to complete the project. You don’t want to have to leave it half done. That would be worse than not ever doing it in the first place and just not feeling good about how your home feels and looks to you.
  9. Once your project has been completed will you be satisfied for a time, or did you not give it enough thought afterall?

What I’m saying is it’s possible, very possible, to decorate on a strict budget and do a fabulous job. Sometimes it means cutting down on the money spent by using items you already own (and still like a lot). Exchange or interchange within the rooms for a newer look and feel. Perhaps just adding something small that ties the room together at the end is the one thing that you actually purchase. Anything you’ve taken from one room to use in another room means at some point, you get to start over again when it comes time to redecorating another place in the home. Maybe at that time, you’ll decide to have someone assist you with this fun process, or perhaps you’ll become an expert.  Please dispose of the items in the proper way or pass it along through a charitable agency for other’s who want to decorate….On A Strict Budget or no budget at all.  Make certain all items given away are in good condition before you pass it along to someone else.   Gently used is one thing, but near to broken and falling apart is another. No one would want that, so examine the items carefully while you think about how great that person will feel seeing their home furnished with items that are new to them, and you get a tax write off.  It’s a fabulous feeling to believe you’ve helped someone else and put a smile on the face of both of you.

We hope we have helped you with this blog on Decorating…On A Strict Budget. Please note, however, that if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and cannot get started, we will work with you and help you reach your goals. 

Rita A.


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  1. This is great advice! Totally helpful and sound.

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