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We’re Back!

 Opening Statement

June 2010 – I am so excited about starting Accentuate’s blog again. In the coming months, I’m hoping we’ll get to talk a bit about your decorating projects, and I will be telling you other things Accentuate has coming down the pike. So, please don’t be shy and  share with me some of your funny, sad, glad and down-right over the top experiences in decorating. This blog is to help other’s know they aren’t alone in their quest for that perfect (oh, did I say the “p” word) home or office setting. No such animal, I must say right here and now.

 It is all about you.  This is true, and the efforts made in taking on such a task is worth saying the “p” word once or twice. Keep your decorating experiences light and fun.  Please don’t base the decorating experience from what you see on television, and remember what you see of a project is only one part of it. The show is only so long, so some of the tasks have to be prepared earlier for time sake.  Do you have the drive, love, passion and TIME to commit to your decorating plans? If you are going to start a project and not complete it for another year, then perhaps its best to wait. Make a budget and keep it, and if you’re doing the project on your own it doesn’t mean that you have to have every dime to start. You can save so much. Just begin.., save some more, … continue and then, …. complete. Stay within budget. Keep in mind that using a decorator has many advantages as well.  We’re committed to help keep the weight off your shoulders and make the decorating adventure fun. Remember, we also have access to certain products and items you have no way of knowing about.

 We would like to share this journey with you. There will be fun times, lots of laughter, lots of  thinking-out-of the box, and if that’s a little scary for you, then we will use some ideas you’d feel comfortable with and ask you to try one new thing.  How’s that sound? The best is yet to come.   There are many people who love to be creative in styling their homes. Some try it out and not particularly excited about the outcome or time necessary to devote to getting the project done.

About two months ago, I began to think that the office in our home (my husband and I share) could definitely stand a refresher. I wasn’t sure about what I wanted to do. So, I started looking at websites, magazines, reading everything, and just being creative in my thinking. I started writing stuff down, cataloging photos, talking to fellow designers, etc. Finally, we decided on a particular design for the room, and my husband is going to lend his expertise in the art for the room.

I love decorating and like simple lines, but I can be formal when the room calls for it. The office will be done with a very simple, yet tasteful, out-of-the box approach. I like the comfort and easiness of moving around the house and not worrying about the “stuff”, too much. After all, it will not last forever, but I do want to enjoy it. This is the attitude I take with my clients regardless of their style. This project and process is suppose to be fun, not stressful. I have worked with folks who have no idea how to relax to make the process enjoyable.  I would like to help them explore the decorating experience and show them it will be accomplished with confidence and relaxation.

Please share your thoughts and opinons with me on this first introduction of our returning blog. I love to know who I’m communicating with, what you do, and how you view the thought or idea of decorating your home or office. Tell me if you would rather do it yourself, why and how long you believe it will take for you to complete the project. And, please tell me about other decorating experiences you’ve had or that of someone you’ve helped. Also, will you let me know some of the subject matter you want presented? I would like to write about those thing that are of interest to you. 

Until next blog (which will be about 1 month from now), please send me all kinds of ideas for topics, etc. Please check out Accentuate Home Styling and Consulting on Facebook (on your fb page just put the company name into the search area).

Member of IDS – Interior Design Society/DFW chapter

Accentate Home Styling & Consulting


Comments on: "We’re Back!" (2)

  1. Lyn Irokwe said:

    Very nice, short and to the point. Sugguestion you may want to display photos of your work or ideas that people send in with the how to instructions ( simple projests).
    I wish you much success, God bless you my friend.

    • Hi Lyn, it is so nice of you to visit All About Home. I appreciate you very much and will take your suggestions to heart. Keep coming back and tell others. God’s Continue Blessings on you.

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